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Welcome! This is the web home of Mr. Geoffrey.

You've probably come to this web site to learn more about my classes or find help with your class work.

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Dear Students,

This has not been an easy day for many of us. The tragedies we've had as a school community have left their mark on us. We need to be supportive to each other.

I can't begin to understand what causes someone to feel that ending their life is the best solution, but I know that too many have felt that way, and there may be some who still may.

Know this: I care about you. WE care about you. Even when you think we don't, we do. We don't want to lose anyone else.

If you feel you have nobody to talk to, I'm telling you I am here for you. Your guidance counselors are here for you. Talk to somebody. Let them know you're feeling this way. If you believe a friend may hurt themselves, report it immediately to a parent, teacher or counselor so that they can get help. You could also call the Crisis Intervention Center in Appleton at 832-4646.

I know that high school is a difficult time. Things at home may be rough. There may be a lot of pressure on you. Dealing with relationships can be painful. But it gets better. Time will heal. We will move on. That doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

By the way, you don't have to have a crisis to talk with me. I care about the good things going on in your lives as well as the bad.

Please, take care of yourself.

-Mr. Geoffrey

Jim Geoffrey • Kaukauna High School • 1701 County Highway CE, Kaukauna, WI 54130 • (920) 766-6113 ext 5917